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Highly specific extracts of Green Coffee Bean containing Chlorogenic Acid has 3 effects that have shown impressive weight loss results:

  1. It reduces the absorption of carbs*
  2. It reduces the release of digested carbs into the bloodstream*
  3. It lowers blood sugar and forces your body to release and burn stored fat.*

Three centuries of Eastern Indian Ayurvedic traditional medicine has given us powerful and valuable tools to help effectively manage weight. Clinically proven Ashwagandha has been shown in modern placebo controlled clinical trials to help reduce stress-related carb cravings and help control stress-induced appetite. Ashwagandha has been included at the full effective daily dose as indicated by research.

RAPIDCUTS FEMME is also fortified with B6 & B12 vitamins which provides your body with the support it needs for healthy carbohydrate utilization and energy production.*